About Us

We are a Valet Service company founded in 2008 by Chris Forest that has built its foundation on integrity and strength of character. Our broad experience is centric to the Unparalleled Parking philosophy, where our expert management style, with sound business principles leads the way for our highly competent staff to follow. Our ability to transform challenges into opportunities is astounding, without even missing a beat.

Our Mission

numberOur mission is to be the best, the most respected and the most reliable valet service provider in Minneapolis. By listening to our customers, we can achieve our mission together.

Our Vision

visionTo continue to refine our unique process that is considerate of our customers, with a Minneapolis valet service that is consistently delivered on time and with added personalized value.

Unparalleled Parking starts and ends every day with delivering an experience that is unmatched, because we treat everyone of our client’s customers with grace and dignity. There is no substitute for the real thing, that’s why UP sets the bar so high that no other company can reach!

UP’s ability to shift gears and deliver engagements, just in time is awe-inspiring and our staff brings the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to their craft. Because we listen to our clients, we can make adjustments faster and get results.

Chris and the rest of the Unparalleled Parking staff are re-inventing the industry, guest by guest to set the standards for others to follow, where our process of refinement is fast becoming the benchmark for the most highly respected and reliable service available, Unparalleled Parking!

Find out for yourself how Unparalleled Parking can streamline your next event from one end to the other, a refreshing departure from other services. An event, where the service is so good that you hardly know we’re there. You’ll be glad you partnered with Unparalleled Parking! Call us when you’re planning your next event at (651) 300-1515.

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