Safe Travels on St. Patrick’s Day

Every March 17, tens of millions of Americans – whether they’re among the 33 million Irish-Americans living in the U.S. or not – come together to wear green and fill pubs and bars, downing pint after pint of their favorite beer. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the more festive holidays celebrated in America […]

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How to Handle Valet Parking for Your Spring Wedding

There are many benefits to hiring a valet service for your spring wedding. However, if you have never dealt with a valet service, you may be unsure as to how to handle this type of service for your upcoming wedding. Here are the steps you want to follow as you go about using a valet […]

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5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Car

Spring is right around the corner, so that means Minnesota residents will soon be deep cleaning their carpets, clearing out their basements and attics, washing their walls and scrubbing their floors. Yes, spring cleaning is synonymous with the nicer weather and warmer temperatures. But while many people focus on the inside of the home during […]

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5 Cool Car Accessories for the Minneapolis Driver

Driving and parking in Minneapolis can be frustrating, tedious, and at certain times dangerous. As a driver, you have means to operate your vehicle in a more relaxed and safe way. For instance, you can put winter tires on your car. Or you can listen to your favorite music while driving. Both of those circumstances […]

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Romantic Restaurants in Minneapolis

Knowing the most romantic restaurants in Minneapolis comes in handy for casual dates and sweet proposals, but it’s even more relevant this month. February inspires romance because of the excitement around Valentine’s Day. Along with boxes of chocolate, huge teddy bears, bouquets, and jewelry, you probably plan to wine and dine your sweetie somewhere special. […]

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Safe Biking in Minneapolis: How Drivers Can Help

The Intersection of Driving and Biking in Minneapolis
Biking in Minneapolis is a prominent method to navigate the city. It helps reduce traffic congestion, is better for the environment, and raises the health standard. But depending on where you live and work, biking in Minneapolis can be tricky. Some city streets are not yet bike friendly […]

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The Top 5 Best Driving Apps

You’ve heard of and probably have several dozen apps for your smartphone, but do you have any driving apps? The most common among driving apps is some kind of navigation system. There are several free navigation driving apps that exist. However, after considering the big hitters, you may not be able to think of any […]

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Assessing Minneapolis Drivability

Drivability, or how easy it is to navigate in a vehicle, changes on a yearly basis in every city across the nation. If drivability wasn’t assessed and considered, major cities would lose investment in the features that keep the economy flourishing. The Twin Cities are no exception.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are two of the Midwest’s […]

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4 Perks of an Environmentally Friendly Car

An Environmentally Friendly Car for the New Year
A new year often means a new you: new home, new job, new city, or new car. You’re ready to make changes. Out with the old, and in with the new! But change can also be intimidating. For instance, when considering an investment in a new car, you […]

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7 Winter Parking Tips for Minnesota

Winter parking in the Midwest is a pain! It’s not much better than navigating the roads, especially if there is a buildup of ice or a heavy snow fell the night before. Your drive takes longer. But even before driving, you have to dig your car free of a snow drift or garage stall. Suddenly […]

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